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Tesamorelin is a synthetic analog of growth hormone–releasing factor — a hypothalamic peptide that acts on pituitary cells in the brain to stimulate the production and release of endogenous growth hormone. Our lead product, EGRIFTA® (tesamorelin for injection), is the first and only treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration indicated to reduce excess abdominal [...]

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ACE Inhibitors

Eightpennies responds "YES" to the question, "Should otherwise healthy seniors incorporate low-dose ACE inhibitors in their anti-aging drug matrix?" Below are relevant references: George Bartzokis, “Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors May Improve Myelin Integrity,” Biological Psychiatry 62, no. 4 (August 15, 2007): 294-301. Liping Zhang et al., “Dual pathways for nuclear factor kappaB activation by angiotensin II in [...]

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Cryonics is a low-priority "Plan B" to be chosen when all other attempts for therapeutic intervention have failed.   Of course, if you're young and healthy but suffer a sudden accidental death and you're not signed up, you deserve what you get.  All of this is a fuzzy-logic calculation and a predicament of the human condition. As the cognoscenti [...]

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Caloric Restriction

Extreme CR is a tedious and onerous way to extend human life expectancy, and we're not even sure that it works all that well in humans.  Obesity is certainly life shortening, and that should be avoided. Cachexia (severe malnutrition), on the other hand, provides an even worst prognosis for life expectancy. When all is said in done, experimental [...]

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ED Medications

Erectile Dysfunction Medications, or Xanthine Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Below is an excerpt from Eightpennies, discussing erectile dysfunction medications that are xanthine phosphodiesterase inhibitors, including sildenafil (Viagara), tadalafil (Cialis)...and his personal favorite: pentoxifylline (Trental, sold by Sanofi). ########FROM EIGHTPENNIES############### They remedy defects in nitric oxide signalling that mess up vascular and stem cell function in ageing. In addition, [...]

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