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"The Bridge Plan"- Seeking a personalized and rigorous approach to maximizing life expectancy

The creator of The Bridge Plan is Dr. L. Stephen Coles, the world’s foremost expert on “supercentenarians”, people who live to 110 years or older.

He knows what he wants: to live forever. But, don’t be confused, The Bridge Plan alone won’t bring you immortality.  Dr. Coles is a physician-scientist, not a charlatan.  The Bridge Plan contains nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are believed to help maximize life-expectancy. No informed and intellectually-honest person would say immortality is currently possible.  That said, The Bridge PlanTM is designed to act as a “bridge” that enables people to stay healthy and vibrant until dramatic breakthroughs in regenerative medicine occur, and with them, dramatic enhancements in lifespan become possible. Information provided on this website are derived from more than a decade's worth of investigating longevity research and medicine.

Reason TV Interviews Dr. Stephen Coles on the Secrets of the World's Oldest People: "Who Wants to Live Forever?"

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